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Kid Gloves is an educational program developed by Focus One Media that teaches youth STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) subjects through content creation. The program offers workshops, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects where kids learn podcasting, photography, videography, and more. Youth create educational videos, digital art, and interactive content, developing skills in communication and storytelling. The program emphasizes the integration of arts, showcases student work, and adapts to different age groups. Ultimately, it aims to make learning engaging and practical while fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Kid Gloves provides a cost-friendly opportunity for youth to learn about content creation on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and podcasts. The program allows them to engage with their interests while acquiring valuable skills. Its adaptable activities can be set up in various environments to suit different learning settings. These initiatives create a safe space for young people to learn technology use and improve instructional effectiveness. The program's team boasts expertise in working with youth and content creation, ensuring effective learning and valuable insights into technology and content production.

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In addition to STEAM, participants also learn invaluable transferable skills applicable across various career clusters. Skills include:




Critical Thinking


Time Management


Self-Expression and Confidence



Digital Literacy

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Kid Gloves

Kid Gloves
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Kid Gloves #1 - Bullying

Kid Gloves #1 - Bullying

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Kid Gloves #2 - Racism

Kid Gloves #2 - Racism

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Kid Gloves #3 - Gun Violence

Kid Gloves #3 - Gun Violence

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