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Kevin is a multi-talented creative professional with over two decades of experience in music production, content creation, photography, videography, and music video production. His journey began in music production, where he crafted evocative scores for notable projects such as "Voices of the South" (2007), "Letters from Afghanistan" (2011), and the "Cre8 Talks Project" (2023). This passion for storytelling extended to content creation, where he hosted and produced a range of podcasts, including "The Hilltop Glove Podcast" (2020-Present) and "Meaningful Things with Rob Michael" (2022-Present), exploring diverse perspectives and engaging with communities.

In the realm of visual arts, Kevin founded Focus One Media in 2017, showcasing his expertise in photography and videography. His keen eye has allowed him to capture unforgettable moments in weddings, engagements, special events, corporate headshots, and family portraiture. Additionally, Kevin's creativity extends to music video production, where he collaborates with esteemed artists, adding visual depth and artistry to their music. Notable works include music videos for "Read The Message" (2023), "Train" (2022), "Respect is Given" (2021), and "Self Medicate" (2020).

A Southerner by transplant, Kevin's love for music, food, and documentary filmmaking enriches his creative pursuits. His ability to seamlessly blend various artistic disciplines and his unwavering commitment to the craft has earned him a reputation as a visionary artist. With an impressive body of work and a dedication to touching hearts through his artistry, Kevin's legacy continues to make a significant impact on the creative world.
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