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Author Laura L. Aten

Not At Peace With This Unfolding

Drawing from family research and courtroom transcripts, Laura Aten weaves a tale of flawed but compelling characters who must move forward, despite the odds, in order to find any hope for their future. The novel’s plot shifts from moments of great optimism to utter dejection, and finally anticipation as readers and characters alike grow increasingly disturbed by the unfolding of events.

"Not At Peace With This Unfolding"Not at Peace With This Unfolding is a gripping novel that grabs the reader from the first page and never lets go. Alternating chapters unfold a love and life torn apart by disillusionment and desperation. The novel explores controversial and current themes.

The Story

Yancey Riggs was desperate to fulfill the promises he had made—promises to provide his wife Eleanor the finer things in life, promises to leave his children a legacy. But all Eleanor wanted was Yancey, and when she lost him and their home in a tragic fire, she wasn’t sure how she would go on. In an ill-fated turn of events, Eleanor is challenged to provide for her children and come to terms with the mysterious reappearance of her husband during the most difficult of circumstances. Laura Aten’s debut novel, Not at Peace With This Unfolding, transports readers to Depression era Georgia and explores the lengths to which one man goes to provide for his family.

The Author

An English instructor for over twenty-five years, Dr. Aten is an active youth leader in her church and an advocate for several community causes. For more information visit  Copies of Not at Peace With This Unfolding are available at all major booksellers.  Review copies available upon request.


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Not Comfortable With This Unfolding